Welcome to the 3rd Annual Humana Healthcare Case Competition!

Healthcare is a product and service that touches the lives of millions and is something that continues to garner our nation’s attention. Recognizing the need for student insight to tackle the ambiguous challenges of the healthcare industry, Humana is proud to host its third annual case competition (registration opens August 26).

For the third year running, top graduate schools across the country will compete for prizes and bragging rights. The winning team will use their critical thinking, strategic, and innovative skills to develop a viable business solution to a current and real healthcare challenge. The top eight teams will present their case recommendations to a panel of judges comprised of esteemed Humana executives.

Students will also have the opportunity to network with Humana’s top executives and company associates, tour Humana’s award winning headquarters building, and learn more about Humana’s current innovation initiatives in the health and well-being space.

Key Dates and Times*

  • September 25, 5:00 pm - All team registration information due to Humana via website form (Teams will receive a confirmation of registration via e-mail)
  • September 27, 9:00 am - Case sent to teams via primary team e-mail address
  • September 30, 6:00 pm - All presentations due via e-mail to: HumanaCaseCompetition@Humana.com (Teams will receive a receipt via e-mail)
  • October 16 by COB- All teams will receive notification of selection status for final competition
  • October 31 and November 1 - Third Annual Humana Case Competition * All times are Eastern Standard

About Humana

Humana is a Fortune 500 healthcare company in Louisville, Kentucky that offers a wide range of insurance, and health and wellness products that offer an integrated approach to lifelong well-being. We are always looking for new ideas and perspectives to approach the ever-changing challenges of the healthcare industry. It is our hope that this competition will attract talented minds across the country, armed with a unique insight to solve the ever-changing challenges of the healthcare industry.

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